VIX Group

Who are we?

VIX Group

In 2015, the Vix Group was formed – a company of like-minded people with a wealth of experience in various areas of the tourism business

For many years our employees have accumulated unique knowledge in the field of tourism in all corners of the world. Then came the moment when we realized that it's time to create something new and really interesting, not like what everyone is offering: with the advantages of the others, but without their shortcomings. The mission of our company is very simple. We do our best to give you positive emotions and change everything for the better!



Who we are?

Lazzat Kiziltugca

Business Development Director

Victor Pamuzhak

General Manager (Moscow)

Svetlana Akdag

Sales & Reservation Manager

Anna Osipova

Sales & Reservation Manager

Mustafa Yasar

Online System Manager

Ervin Ikizoglu

Operation Director

Ekaterina Romanova

Marketing coordinator


How do we do this for you?

Guaranteed quality.

Going on a trip, could be a business trip or a vacation, you imagine a lot of possible scenarios for the development of events and, sure, your brain seeks to realize the best of them. It is extremely important to see the maximum matches of your ideas with the result obtained. Quality of our products and services is guaranted for 100%, because all of them has been tested.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

You can call to any person in the company directly and everybody will answer you. Each of us has our own area of responsibility, but we play a collective game and any of us able to replace one’s colleague for you very succesfully. We do not communicate with partners through secretaries, we are open for dialogue.

A responsibility.

Despite the atmosphere of holidays, which you can feel generally in the world of events and travel, our work assumes a very high level of responsibility. To make you enjoy your trip, we are doing a painstaking 24-hour work. We guarantee the well-being and safety of your holiday.


There are many ready-made products in our assortment, but we also offer luxury tourist cuisine. You can add something or change something in the offered "dishes". It is difficult to determine the choice, this is the right of the client. Our duty is to help you to understand what is right for you.


Why us?

We do not know the word "no".

In the large explanatory dictionary of the company VIXGROUP there are words "quality", "class", "responsibility", "success", "happiness". There are no words associated with the refusal. We always offer a solution. We proceed from the assumption that there are no desperate situations. Never.

We value friendship.

We focus on such basic concepts as partnership, mutual assistance and mutual benefit. The better for you, the better for us. Our well-being is based on your success and prosperity. We are not just interested in your success. He is vitally important for us.

We are polyglots.

Forget about the language barrier. Our managers are ready to communicate with you in any of the international languages.

We are always at your service.

Due to the correct distribution of responsibilities, we offer you on-site support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We save your money.

Our prices are justified. They stand the competition and are justified. Working with us, you do not pay too much.

We are professionals.

Behind each of us is a huge experience in the tourism business. We know it thoroughly and offer you our knowledge!

We are effective.

The speed of our work does not harm its quality, and the thoroughness of execution is speed. In addition to the optimal price / quality ratio, we offer the best speed / quality ratio.