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1 august 2018

VIX Golf & Golf.Ru: effectiveness in union

VIX Golf & Golf.Ru: effectiveness in union

Annual traditional tournament Invitational has been placed on the field of Moscow Country Club in Nakhabino.

The annual traditional tournament Golf.Ru Invitational was held at the Moscow Country Club in Nakhabino, near Moscow. The organizer of the tournament is the portal GOLF.RU - Russian Internet resource, entirely dedicated to golf. The tournament was held with the support of AGR.

For the fourth year, on the first Wednesday of June, this golf holiday - Invitational - is taking place. Early on the morning of June 6, 84 players, who made up 21 quartets, moved to the direction of Nakhabino outside Moscow, under the noise of a summer rain. By the beginning of the warm-up at eight in the morning the weather became warmer, the sun came out, but the temperature of +12 remained so all day.

This year the tournament returned to its initial personal-team version with the game in the format of the stubbleford points.

At stake were 34 cups and very interesting prizes from partners!

17 women played one cup in absolute standings and three prize places in the classification taking into account the handicap. Men divided into two groups. 26 golfers with a handicap 0-11.9 fought to enter the top three in the absolute, and 41 players with a handicap of 12-24 revealed the three strongest in the classification, taking into account the handicap.

And the main action of the tournament Invitational 2018 - team standings. The assets of the team were summarized with three best results out of four on each hole. In two nominations - with and without handicap. Three prizes in the nomination, and this is another 24 cups in the draw.

In the season of 2018 the general partner of GOLF.RU was the tourist agency Vix Golf, widely known for organizing a large-scale series of tournaments Regnum Moscow "Battle of clubs", Regnum Moscow Winter Challenge and numerous tournaments of Pro-Am. Vix Golf has provided the winners with golf courses and accommodation in Belek hotels: Cornelia, Kempinski, Sueno and Lykia World, which were presented by Lazzat Kiziltugca, who arrived from Turkey.

1 place, Nakhabino-1, 94 points
Timoshin Alexander, Zarudnaya Natalya, Movsesyan Armen, Chizhikov Igor
2 place, SPT, 77

Alexander Timoshin, Natalya Zarudnaya, Armen Movsesyan

Frolov Andrey, Samsonov Vitaly, Koval Mikhail, Abrochnov Sergey
3 place, 72 Hurricane Mia
Pomytkin Stanislav, Sokol Constantine, Mia Sattar, Samarkina Elena

TEAM PERFOMANCE, with the handicap
1 place, Time is, 120 points
Sergei Lazarev, Alan Kudinov, Sergei Samarin, Nikolai Vlasenko

Olga Lezhneva, Nikolay Vlasenko, Sergei Lazarev, Alan Kudinov, Sergey Samarin and Lazzat Kiziltugca

2 place, Turbo Drive, 118
Kadoshuk Yuri Tumanov Sergey Paklin Dmitry Dontsov Andrew,
3 place, SPT, 113
Frolov Andrey, Samsonov Vitaly, Koval Mikhail, Abrochnov Sergey

Men, the NDS 0-11.9 absolute
1 Timoshin Alexander 35

Konstantin Gribkov, Alexander Timoshin and Lazzat Kiziltugca

2 Combs Jeff 29
3 Movsesyan Armen 27

Men, NDS 12-24
1 Tumanov Sergey 39

Konstantin Gribkov, Sergei Tumanov and Lazzat Kiziltugca

2 Minsiants Arthur 38
3 Orekhov Evgeniy 38

1 Milekhina Elena 41

Elena Milekhina

2 Semida Zinaida 35
3 Lunegova Tatiana 34
Best Gross - Semida Zinaida 23

Zinaida Semida and Lazzat Kiziltugca

A full report with the results of the tournament can be seen at

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